Benefits of Bespoke Software Development Services

As a business you need to identify what is going to help your business grow and what is going to push you towards success. When it comes to managing your business on a daily basis, buying ready completed software may not provide you with all the services you need to provide your customers with the best service, to help your teams work together and to ensure you reach your goals and targets to achieve success.

The benefits you will experience when you choose bespoke software development services is that you will be more efficient. Your teams will be able to work in a timely manner and overall the company will be efficient in everything it does. This is because the software the company uses on a daily basis has been designed specifically for your company and is completely unique to your particular needs.

You will save money rather than waste it. The money you spend on paying for bespoke software development services will soon provide you with a return on your investment. Because your company is running more efficiently, your teams will be able to be more productive and as a result your revenue will increase. Rather than losing money at

Know the Use of Software to Maintain Compliance in Trade

Export-import is a complex procedure. It involves lots of steps starting from planning an export strategy to delivery to the consequent end-users. Several individuals involve in exporting the items across the international borders. It is very important to maintain compliance with export rules and regulations. Failing to follow export laws is a criminal offense for exporters. They lose all the export privileges, have to pay a large sum of money as administrative fines, and cannot able to export goods across the international borders without the legal license and fall of brand reputation. One of the important steps in the export-import business is to check the end-users and business partners.

Why Screening Is Important –

After planning the export, it is very important for the exporters to screen their vendors, intermediates, business partners, customs brokers, end-users and customers. This checking determines whether the business entity or individual is legal or not. In the earlier days, most of the exporters perform screening with the help of manual means. However, the process of manual screening takes a lot of time and expertise knowledge. Checking of the business entities with the help of manual procedure is a slow process. In the recent days, as

How to Derive the Best ROI From Selenium Based Test Automation Tools or Frameworks

There is no more an argument whether test automation is required for an organization. The rising demand for shorter time to market and the resultant continuous delivery approach to software development has necessitated test automation.

The question that now calls for debate is what tool best suits the needs of a business. What product or platform or framework works well with the application under test (AUT), and can be seamlessly integrated into the software development and delivery lifecycle at the organization? Which technology requires minimum human resource management, in terms of both recruitment and training, yet can deliver optimal results?

Selenium is among the front-runners in this debate, and rightly so due to the following reasons:

1. Multi-browser and multi-OS support

Selenium is the most versatile test automation tool for web browsers. It can work with almost all web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari. No other tool provides such flexibility when it comes to cross browser testing.

Selenium is also compatible with multiple operating systems. Linux, Windows and Unix. This makes it easy to deploy and run test automation across different systems and environments.

2. Open source

Selenium has a very active group of contributors, and this lends robustness to this tool.

5 Extremely Useful Methods to Edit PDF Documents on Linux

Whenever someone sets out to get some practical knowledge of Linux, one of the questions that almost invariably comes to the fore is regarding the best PDF editor and converter available for the operating system. Not many of us are familiar with the reality that Linux is an effective and efficient operating system that can also be employed in an office-related environment. You can edit, modify or alter PDF documents in a variety of ways in Linux, thanks mostly to the ever-evolving technology landscape. There are plenty of commercial-grade solutions available in the market that can help you accomplish this purpose with relative ease but they are quite expensive. Let us introduce you to some of the other cheaper but effective options available out there so that you are able to edit your PDFs as and when required without any difficulty.

The first solution to modify PDFs on Linux is a paid one and it’s called PDF Studio which comes with a number of terrific features. It allows the users to create PDF documents from text files, image files and even Word documents. It also comes with the option to scan documents as PDF files. The basic editing features such

Measure and Improve FCR With Five Simple Analytics-Enabled Steps

When you improve First Contact Resolution (FCR), you improve customer service quality, cost efficiency and customer experience, all at once. Improvement in FCR brings improvements in both efficiency and effectiveness of the contact center operations. It is a leading indicator of customer satisfaction because customers want their issues to be resolved on the first contact, irrespective of the channel they choose to contact.

By increasing the FCR rate, organizations can substantially bring down their operational costs. Taken together, these factors increase the significance of FCR multiple times as a contact center operational metric.

However, accurately measuring FCR does not appear to be an easy task for contact centers. This is mostly because of their failure to collect data from a wide variety of sources and correlate diverse data sets to get a bigger picture of FCR.

Customer surveys are commonly used by organizations to directly collect customer feedback and measure FCR on the basis of survey scores. But, a majority of customers do not respond to survey requests. Moreover, survey scores by themselves do not clarify the root causes of low FCR rates.

For a holistic view of FCR, in addition to the customer feedback, data needs to be collected and analyzed from

Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) and UltraViolet Defined

The Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) is a cross-industry initiative developing the next generation digital media experience based on open, licensed specifications. DECE members include network hardware manufacturers such as Cisco, computer, television and mobile device manufacturers such as Sony, Samsung and HP, content producers such as Fox and Warner Brothers, audio and visual encoding companies such as Dolby and DivX, cable companies and content distributors such as Comcast and Netflix, and big box retailers such as Best Buy. These companies have joined together to develop and operate UltraViolet, which enables consumers to purchase digital video content from a choice of online retailers and play it on a variety of devices and platforms made by different manufacturers.

UltraViolet is a free, cloud-based digital rights library that allows users of digital home entertainment content to stream and download licensed content to multiple platforms and devices. An UltraViolet account is a Digital Rights Locker where licenses for purchased content are stored and managed regardless of point of sale. The UltraViolet digital locker does not store video files and is not a cloud storage platform. Rather, UltraViolet coordinates and manages the licenses for each account but not the content itself. In this way,

How to Create Interactive SharePoint Charts With Zero Coding

Using Microsoft SharePoint 2010 chart web part, you can quickly create charts with data from SharePoint Lists and other data sources. Here’s how.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 comes with a built in Chart Web Part, which lets you build interactive charts quickly, and without writing a single line of code, using data from various sources, such as SharePoint lists, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, SQL Server databases, and so on. This offers a major advantage, letting you add interactive charts to presentations in a jiffy. Here’s how you can go about creating a chart with this handy tool.

  1. Create a Microsoft SharePoint custom list and give it a name. Include 3 custom columns, all of which should be of type – Single Line of Text.
  2. Once the list is ready, add some data to it.
  3. Create a new page in SharePoint by clicking on Site Actions, and then New Page. Give it a name.
  4. Click on the blank area in the middle of the page and select the Group named Editing Tools. From the ribbon, select Web Part. On the categories pane, select List and Libraries. Now click on the name of the custom list you created in step 1, and click on the Add button.
  5. Repeat step

Why We Need Address Book Software in Our Daily Life

Having an address book is one thing and having an address book that is efficient is also another thing. An address book is supposed to be the place where you store all your important contacts. So why it is necessary in our daily life? There are a number of features contained in it that the only way to explain its awesomeness is by listing them down.

First and most interesting is the fact that with such tool, you can not only create contacts, but also add the hobbies and habits of those contacts. This makes for a fun way to save contacts. For example, if someone wants to add a contact called Ben, he could also include the fact that he loves to swim in the nude. This way, even if there are two Bens in the address book software, it is absolutely easy to differentiate between the two. It also makes the address book less monotonous and much more fun to peruse through.

Also key to note is that such kind contact management platform has up to ten interface styles to choose. Change and style your address book the way you want by choosing any one of these interfaces.

Group management